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Coca-Cola HBC Hrvatska

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia – organization of and media support for the Our Beautiful Sava project

Our Beautiful Sava is a project initiated in 2008 by Coca-Cola HBC Croatia in partnership with the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Management and the International Sava River Basin Commission, with the aim of raising the awareness on the importance of protecting the environment and water resources in the Republic of Croatia. This corporate social responsibility project brought together institutions on all levels, from the competent government authorities to, more locally, executive structures of the towns of Sisak, Slavonski Brod and Županja, county chambers of economy and the tourist board and museums in Zagreb, Sisak, Slavonski Brod and Županja, all with the aim of achieving the common goal of protecting and promoting the Sava.

Within the 2010 edition of Our Beautiful Sava, four press conferences were organized, as well as five Sava Fairs and a promotion of the Sava tie in Davor, which together with seven partners on the national and 20 on the local level attracted a total of 14,000 visitors, 80 exhibitors and 420 performers. Presentation of the first series of souvenirs of continental tourism, made of thousand-year -old wood rescued from the Sava river bed, was also held. 

The project continued in 2011 as well, in the fair host towns and cities of Zagreb, Županja, Sisak and Slavonski Brod, when the Visible and Invisible World in Water workshop, combining education and entertainment and organized by the Croatian Water Resources Management, became an integral part of the offer of all fairs. Media Val was entrusted with the task of operational implementation, as well as with the overall communication management. 

„Over the last ten years, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia developed and initiated a number of unique outreach projects according to the principles of public-private partnership, whose implementation was challenging due to their complexity. Media Val has established itself as a reliable and highly professional partner, not only in communication management, but also in the technical implementation of our corporate social responsibility projects, which were further improved by their support. This is certainly due to a concerted team effort, their ability to accommodate client needs and their responsibility in implementation of tasks and projects entrusted to them.“  

Boška Trbojević, Director of the Public Affairs and Communications Department of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia

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