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Hermes International

Hermes International – launch of Dida Boža brand in the Croatian market

Hermes International is not a typical Croatian company which had a proven record in the domestic market prior to venturing into the international markets. The products of this company have traveled the other way round; before they became available in Croatia, for a number of years they have been marketed – and winning prizes! - in the U.S., under the name of Dalmatia. 

Encouraged by international success, Hermes International decided to offer the product also in the discerning Croatian market and to embark upon the mission of educating the Croatian consumers about the possibilities of combining jams and spreads with different foods. 

To this end, the company hired the services of Media Val, which branded the product for the Croatian market, developed the brand shaping and brand launching strategies, and delivered an intense communication campaign, which resulted in coverage in practically all Croatian daily newspapers, lifestyle and specialized magazines, as well as on many radio stations and portals, with interviews in leading business print media. Dida Boža products entered all the major retail chains and health food stores, becoming a synonym for tasty spreads and jams among the consumers. 

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