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Raiffeisen Home Savings Bank


Presentation of the Bubašpara iPhone application

Raiffeisen Home Savings Bank, in collaboration with Nukleus creative agency and Imagine Studio, developed the Bubašpara iPhone application, the first Croatian multimedia application for children, which raised fantastic interest as soon as it was introduced into the App Store.  The visual identity of Bubašpara, as a highly recognizable mascot of the leading childrens home savings account program in Croatia, was transported in the best possible way into the framework of the iPhone application which, apart from an interesting and dynamic game, also brings a lot of fun and multimedia, as well as the favorite Bubašpara song. 

Within the communication strategy, which aimed to present and introduce the innovative application to Croatian users, Media Val organized an interactive presentation for the specialized correspondents. During the presentation, many members of the press had an opportunity to try out their skills in the Bubašpara game, and learn all about how the Bubašpara iPhone application came to be. In the end, the application received an extensive coverage in the media and unanimously positive reviews of its quality. 


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