The first 15 years

Is 15 years a lot or not? If you ask me – it’s quite enough. I clearly remember that early spring of 2003 and the determination of a group of PR department colleagues to leave a huge international advertising agency, each for their own reasons. Ambition and high hopes turned this group, literally overnight, into young businessmen fighting for their place in the emerging PR market. And no, it was not easy...

Perhaps an interesting, but surely a less known fact, is that the name Media Val was not created by us, instead, we took it over from an inactive company. We liked it, and it was related to the basic activity of the new agency – media relations. The other part of the name (Val/Wave) fit us well because all of the partners shared the love for the sea.

In the beginning, our headquarters was located in the city centre (Ilica at Britanac), and we were not alone there. In fact, the room we used to work on our first projects was a weird mix of a meeting room and a gallery, so we were often distracted by potential buyers – art lovers, and we were being described by words such as: "do not pay attention to them – guys are up to something here". Then these guys figured out that it would be good to move to the West. On Faller's Promenade, on the ground floor of a family house, we stayed for a couple of years. A few key things happened to us there that would end up having an important effect on further development of Media Val: apart from a sudden increase in the client portfolio, two female colleagues joined the all-male club, and we also started an advanced student internship program.

Thanks to that program, to which, even to this day, one is selected based on a CV, satisfactory results of written assignments and additional verbal checks, we came up with an effective foundation for recruiting young talents and future employees. Despite the strict criteria and a demanding selection process, the fact is that, every now and then, we encountered students that we still remember for their illiteracy, shyness, and their inability to cope with stressful situations... And all of these characteristics were incompatible with their desired future profession, that they often (so wrongly) considered easy and glamorous. However, most of these young people have learned a lot about business, relationship with clients and suppliers, teamwork, and general functioning of the agency. Because our internship does not involve making coffee or document copies... but instead, it involves work and help on concrete projects. Some of them are now in various positions in different companies, and it's flattering that they are grateful that their careers have started with Media Val. And eight of them so far, got the opportunity to get a permanent employment with our agency.

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