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Breakfast is more than just a meal

Dukat has launched the project “Breakfast is more than just a meal" to encourage healthy habits and to revive family breakfast rituals. As a starting platform, for this socially responsible project, Dukat used the national creative drawing competition “I love milk!” which Dukat has been running since 2012. During the six years of the competition more than 14,000 kids from elementary schools and their teachers have participated in the competition. In December 2017 www.dorucakjeviseodobroka.hr web site has been launched and the content was created in cooperation with relevant experts – a psychologist, a nutritionist and food bloggers. Free "Breakfast is more than just a meal" manual was also created as part of the project. This manual contains texts about the importance of the daily family breakfasts for proper physical and emotional growth and development of the kids. It also included a lot of useful tips on how to introduce small changes into the morning routine and numerous recipes for healthy breakfasts. In the first three months of 2018, Dukat has distributed more than 50,000 copies of the manual. All the parents whose kids participated in the 6th creative competition "I love Milk!" got the manual along with many other parents who expressed their interest. As part of the project “I love Milk!”, a survey about morning eating habits and behavior was also conducted. It was done among students from elementary schools, and it showed that only 24% families have regular, family breakfast each day, and only 41% of them eat breakfast together during the weekend. With this project, Dukat has encouraged a discussion about the topic that is very important to our society, where an increasing number of obese children and the children with unhealthy eating habits are reported.

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