Tour of Croatia


International cycling race Tour of Croatia brings together teams of the highest rank of UCI classification and some of the world's biggest cycling stars who compete in six stages. Tour of Croatia brings many benefits for the promotion of cities, national parks and the regions. With the desire to become an important part of the overall tourist offer and one of the main motives of the further development of cyclo-tourist segment, Tour of Croatia is a unique tourist product in Croatia, adding to the image of Croatia in the world.

Arena of Tour of Croatia is the entire country; the race is held at more than 1000 kilometres, including 12 host cities, and passing through more than 100 different sites, with more than 600 minutes of live TV broadcast. With the start in Osijek and grand finale in Zagreb, Tour of Croatia was live broadcasted by HRT and Eurosport, and many other TV stations on 6 continents – Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.


Our role

Media Val is the official PR agency of the project, engaged for media relations, protocol coordination, sponsor communication, on-site support, coordination with Eurosport, live coverage and social media management. Agency was awarded with Grand Prix for ‘Communications Support for the Tour of Croatia Project’.



Media support for the fourth edition resulted in:

  • 1.421 articles/broadcasts in the period from 11.02.- 31.05.2018, 784 ads broadcasted on Eurosport network, within national media (print, TV and Internet) and on billboards and CityLights across Croatia
  • Print – 207 articles
  • Internet national – 526 articles (only relevant articles related to ToC) – a growth of 17,67% compared to last years results
  • Internet international – 56 articles
  • TV national without live broadcasting – 185 broadcasts
  • TV international with live broadcasting and highlights – 203 broadcasts – increase of 5,73% (only data about broadcast length were used, so one can expect that the exact number of broadcasts was probably even higher, as broadcasts/highlights were visible in more than 180 countries)
  • TV national live broadcasting and highlights – 12 broadcasts
  • Radio – 244 broadcasts
  • Articles on social networks include:
  • 126 analyzed posts on Twitter
  • 221 analyzed posts on Facebook
  • 6 videos published on YouTube
  • 38 analyzed posts on Instagram
  • 56.784 views and shares of different recordings and posts about Tour of Croatia 2018 on different private profiles and professional pages on social networks
  • A total of 2.457 posts were shared on social networks. Over 24.417 direct interactions on social networks (Like/Favorite).