Grand opening of New passenger terminal of Franjo Tuđman Airport


Opening of the New passenger terminal of Franjo Tuđman Airport attracted a lots of media attention and was positioned as „the event of the year”, mainly because NPT project is one of the most significant foreign investments in Croatia, worth more than 300 million EUR. Gala event on the occasion of the opening of the New passenger terminal was held on March 21 and a week later the terminal started with regular operations.

After the official part of the program with speeches by PM Plenković and other representatives of the Government and the Concessionaire and a guided tour of NPT. VIP and other guests have had the opportunity to enjoy in a unique musical and entertainment program specially created for this exclusive event.


Special elements:

  • Uniquely designed perfume as a gift for VIP guests
  • Stage in form of the roof of NPT
  • Catering with specialties from all over the world
  • 3D mapping dance

Our role

Media Val, the official PR agency of MZLZ, was in charge for organization of the three opening events – internal, VIP (gala) and commercial, communication strategy prior, during and after the event, as well as coordination with shareholders, local and national officials and partners.



Official opening ceremony of NPT of Franjo Tuđman Airport attracted a lot of media attention what resulted in many articles and broadcasts in most influential media – TV stations, newspapers and other print media and portals.


With selected team of MZLZ Board members and employees, experts from every interest area, we managed to give all answers to journalists what resulted in almost all articles and TV broadcasts being extremely positive, stressing out the great importance of NPT project for Zagreb and Croatia and communicating key facts about the investment, total area, air bridges, new and modern technology and sorting area and BHS system and improvements in the commercial area and the entire passenger experience.  


All three national TV stations (HRT, Nova TV and RTL) included broadcasts from the NPT in their central informative shows (both in the afternoon and in the evening). Furthermore, regional TV station N1 and local TV station Z1 also included broadcasts from the visit in their shows. 


Total of 83 articles were published: 15 TV broadcasts, 5 print articles and 63 online articles.