After the #SPASIME Initiative organized one of the largest protests in recent years, gained the support of the public, public stakeholders and policies, cooperated with civil society organizations and gathered a large number of interested parties, #spasime Fund was established. Given the fact that many victims of violence remain in abusive relationships because they do not have the financial resources needed for leaving the abusers. #SPASIME Initiative and SOLIDARNA Foundation recognized that and established the fund to provide quick help and protection for the victims of violence.

The initiative succeeded in something that NGOs have not for years: to put the issue of violence at the centre of public debate, to ensure public support at all levels to adequately address the problem of violence, because it came from a position of a "general' issue" and social engagement that had no ideological premise.


Our role

Media Val agency was in charge of providing overall communication support, launching campaign for public awareness on domestic and partner violence in Croatia and organizing a press conference at which #spasime Fund was presented. In collaboration with partner agency Fabula, Media Val was in charge of organizing the event, which marked the campaign in particular - a humanitarian dinner held at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb with live broadcasting on TV.



One-month communication campaign resulted in 41 TV shows, 41 radio or themed show, 82 print media publications, 277 web portals and 1 special issue in 24sata. In agreement with the media partners, a 2-week promotional campaign was conducted on all major national internet portals and in their print media, as well as on RTL Television, which also produced a TV spot for the campaign's needs, and broadcasted live humanitarian dinner. Promotional records and spots were also released by all relevant radio stations, and all-important OOH positions were given to us.

Due to intense pressure through all available communication channels, we were able to raise the public awareness on the topic of fight against the violence, raise 400,000 kuna and most importantly - to influence on the change of the Criminal Law in which paragraph 1 of Article 152 of the old law, which relates to the criminal offense of sexual intercourse without consent, becomes paragraph 1, Article 153 of the new Criminal Law and is treated as a crime of rape.